Bison Meatballs

These gluten free bison meatballs are a healthy yet tasty comfort meal that can be ready in 40 minutes for a quick weeknight dinner!

– egg – ground bison  – ground pork – almond flour – salt – pepper – Italian seasoning – garlic – shallot –  basil – parsley – avocado oil  – marinara sauce


This recipe has six main steps and here they are: 1. Whisk the egg

2.  Prep all ingredients and add them to the bowl

3. Mix (don’t be a pansy and get in there and use your hands)

4. Roll them into balls

5. Sear them in the pan

6. Pour on the sauce, cover and cook, then remove he lid and simmer for a few minutes to let the sauce cook down before serving.

Tips for making Bison Meatballs

Use a big enough pan. Don’t over work the meat. Use good marinara sauce and enough of it. Don’t let the sauce simmer uncovered too long

Bison Meatballs