Pickled Red Onions

Quick and easy, sweet and tangy pickled red onion and jalapeño with underlying notes of citrus.

Red Onions | Jalapeños Orange Juice | Lime Juice Coconut Sugar | Salt Apple Cider Vinegar


Quick tip: simply put onion and jalapeño into a strainer and run hot water over them for 2 minutes to blanch.

Mix all other ingredients in a bowl to create marinade. Add onion and jalapeño and stir.

Tacos Enchilada Casserole Vegetarian Taco Lettuce Wraps Burgers and Sandwiches Add them to anything and everything!

Put Them on:

You can also leave the jalapeño out if that isn’t your jam. Having pickled red onions in the fridge adds flavor to all of your meals!

Pickled Red Onions

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