Chicken Taco Seasoning

The best homemade chicken taco seasoning and an instant new favorite! It’s a perfectly balanced, delicious blend of flavors and so easy to make.

Chili powder – Paprika  Ground cumin Salt – Oregano  Garlic powder Onion powder – Pepper

This spice blend makes enough to season 2 pounds of chicken.

Making your own taco seasoning is as simple as they come with just two easy steps.

1. Add all ingredients to a small bowl. 2. Stir and Voilà, it’s done and ready to use!

Use it on shredded, diced, whole breasts or thighs or whatever kind of tacos you want!

There are some fun other ways you can use this seasoning: – To season chili – Rolled with butter on corn on the cob – In rice – Other tacos (fish, ground beef, turkey, pork, shrimp, cauliflower, black bean – I’ve used it in pretty much everything!) – Tossed with oil and veggies and roasted – Scrambled eggs – Sprinkled on avocado toast – Added to black beans or refried beans – Fajitas

Chicken Taco Seasoning

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